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osGraphX is a 3D file viewer with some interesting features. You can look at 3D models, make hi-res snapshots or interact with intern structure. Because it's based on OpenSceneGraph (OSG), it can load a large amount of formats likes OpenFlight (.flt), 3D Studio (.3ds) or Collada (.dae). Because osGraphX is written with Qt and OSG, it runs on Windows and Linux (MacOSX isn't tested yet).

Current Features

Current Supported Plaforms

Known limitations


osGraphX is available on SourceForge [12] as a source archive for all platforms (qmake and cmake configurations included). The installer for Windows (XP, Seven, 8) is also available in two parts. The first part is the OSG librairies, the second part is the program itself.


Todo list


If you have suggestions, problems or questions about this tool, you can:

Don't hesitate to send me your creation, I will create a specific gallery for that soon.

If you want to help with translation, you can send me the translated Qt Linguist file (*.ts) or use the Transifex website (you need to create a free account as translator).


If you find this tool helpful and want support its development, you can pay what you want.

Your donation


Main Interface (model fromDelta3D asset libray)

Bookmark panel

Structure panel

Statistics panel

Poster dialog

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