Software: Final HotSHots 1.2.0 is out !

Contributed by xbee on Jul 23, 2013 - 09:49 PM

The final release of HotShots 1.2.0 has been delivered on SourceForge here ( The main changes between 1.1.1 are:
* Features:
- some layout changes
- Editor: add multi selection
- Editor: ability to select shadow on each item
- Editor: ability to edit some items (polygon, polyline, curve) more easily
- Editor: ability to add post-effect to image background
- Uploader: add a user field to define the output template for FTP uploader
- Ability to send directly to printer a ducument
- Add Slovak translation. Thanks to Slavko.
- Add Turkish translation. Thanks to reis33.
- Add Russian translation. Thanks to Andrey Maraev.
- Add Sinhala translation. Thanks to chathu151.
- Add Serbian translation. Thanks to ozzii.
- Add Czech translation. Thanks to fri.
- Add Vietnamese translation. Thanks to ppanhh.
- Add Basque translation. Thanks to Alexander Gabilondo.
- Add Spanish translation. Thanks to Manuel Soriano.
- Add Chinese translation. Thanks to taijuin.
* Bugs
- default location not updated in some case
- add a message box to clear/update background image if annotation exists
- can't crop an already cropped image
- start in tray don't works
- Blurring don't work on small area
- Font preview can "disrupt" the editor layout
- Incorrect post effect after crop
- incorrect loading of translation file in some cases
- incorrect list of supported image format list in save dialog

Enjoy !