Software: Official DIfImg 2.0.0 is out !

Contributed by xbee on Jul 17, 2013 - 08:20 PM

The official release of DIffImg 2.0 after has been delivered on SourceForge ( The main new feature is the support of 16Bits and 32bits images (based on OpenCV and OpenEXR). In this release, you have also:
- new metric engine allowing easy addition of new metric
- support of 16 bits and 32 bits mono channel image (tiff)
- add drag&drop
- add a new metric "perceptual diff" from
- add gain/offset on displayed image
- add an interactive "navigator" window
- slideshow mode can use files with differents suffix (e.g. compare a file.png with a file.jpg)
- Add Vietnamese translation. Thanks to ppanhh.
- Add Swedish translation. Thanks to eson.
- Add Portuguese translation. Thanks to rafaelff1 .
- Add a x64 version for windows.