Software: HotSHots 1.1 beta is available

Contributed by xbee on Apr 30, 2013 - 11:11 PM

The release 1.1 contains a lot of changes. A beta release is available on SourceForge for testing. Enjoy !

* Features
- Add direct upload to the web
- Add torn edge effect
- Ability keep/remove window decoration for screenshot
- Restructure window grabbing code
- Add Italian translation. Thanks to Manfrommars (Manfrommars at libero dot it)
- ability to play a sound when capture is finished
- ability to choose if HotShots must be hide during screen capture
- Change magnifier size for region capture
- Editor: add mouse position display in editor (useful for debug !)
- Editor: change somes icons for UI clarification
- Editor: add duplication function
- Editor: add a curve shape
- Editor: add ability to crop base image
- Editor: change some default sizes
- Editor: ability to export annotated image directly to the clipboard
* Bugs
- Incorrect save/restore of system shotcuts
- Incorrect backup/restore of some shapes
- Incorrect .pro definition for install on Linux
- Can't find Credits and Changelog on Linux
- Incorrect magnifier location for region capture
- Editor: Magnifier can only be defined from top-left to bottom-right